1. Website Services

Domain and hosting basic guide rates:

.co.uk domain (2 years)

Hosting per year
£60 or £5 per month

Web design basic guide prices:

Single page static website

3 page static website

additional static pages
£60 per page

Dynamic content managed sites start at

2. Computer Services

All prices are intended as a guideline. Wide ranging service requirements are charged at £20 per hour.

Custom built computers
PCs and servers custom built to your specification. You tell us what you want from your computers and we’ll tailor them to your requirements. Constructed from only the best branded equipment, we provide fully guaranteed computer systems that you can count on. Priced on requirement.

Setup and connect computers
Getting your PC or server set up and running can be time consuming and frustrating. We set up and fully test your computer(s). We install required software and drivers, making sure your computers are fully operational.
£20 per PC, £50 per server

Wired and Secured Wireless Network Installation
Anywhere in your office. Wired networking is fast and reliable and is suited to all sizes of networks from two computers to 200 or more. Wireless means no need for network cabling but is more suited to smaller networks. Wireless networking needs to be kept secure so all our wireless installations use WPA2 encryption. Priced on individual requirement.

Email Solutions
Email is a key element within an online business. We provide you with a solution that best suits your needs, whether it be hosted for you or your own in-house email server. If you already have a solution and want more functionality from it then we can provide you with enhancements and alternatives. Priced on individual requirement.

Database Solutions
Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL database systems. All these database systems are supported. Whether you already have a system and require modifications to your structure or looking to start a new database system, we provide you with a total solution. Priced on individual requirement.

Computer MOT
Have your computers been in use for some time now and aren’t performing as you would expect? We perform a full technical analysis of your computers and carry out any required maintenance and adjustments. Over time, additional software on your computers can impede performance. We can remove unrequired applications and components that unneccesarily slow performance and optimise your operating systems. Basic charge £30 per PC, £60 per server. (Any additional costs will be advised).

System Upgrade Analysis
Your computers may have been in use for a while and you would now like to use software that requires a little more performance. We examine your computers and advise whether extra memory or a higher rated processor would benefit you. In some circumstances, the computers may be too old to benefit from upgrades to components in which case you will be advised on a suitable replacement computer specification. £20 per PC, £40 per server

Backups – Local and Online
Backing up your data and computer systems is an essential activity. No one wants to be caught out by hard drive failure or corrupted data. We install and configure backup software for backing up to local media for speed and ease of access and also to remote online storage in case of any on-site business disaster. Priced on individual requirement.

File / Data Scrub
Data and Identity theft is an ever present problem. When computers are being recycled or being used outside of the office, you need to bare in mind any old data left on hard drives or other storage media. We thoroughly remove any unrequired sensitive data from computer media and provide you with a guarantee to that effect. £30 per PC, £60 per server

Data Transfer
£30 per PC, £60 per server.

Virus and Spyware removal and protection
If you suspect there is a computer virus or spyware on your computers, we shall remove the virus and/or spyware and advise on any system protection. (Note: There are some viruses that render your system unrecoverable. In these circumstances we advise you of the possible action to take to restore your computer system). Basic price £40 per PC, £80 per server.

All prices are intended as a guideline.
Please note that in some rare circumstances an examination of your computer may reveal that repair costs will exceed the computer's value and options will be explained to you.

3. Consultancy

For businesses, consultancy is provided at £40 per hour or part there of (minimum charge £40).